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Upgrading from BR's PhotoArchiver

What will this cost?

If you bought BR's PhotoArchiver later than June 1st 2004, you can upgrade to PixFiler for free. Just install PixFiler and enter the license code you used with PhotoArchiver.

If you bought BR's PhotoArchiver before June 1st 2004 you have to buy an upgrade license. This costs $19 (US) and includes free upgrades and support for another two years. Click here to purchase an upgrade license.

What about my photos and annotations?

PixFiler will upgrade your photo indexes to the correct file format the first time you open the photo index in PixFiler. If you're upgrading from BR's PhotoArchiver 4.2, the upgrade is very easy as PixFiler uses the same basic data format PhotoArchiver.

How do I open a Photo Index in PixFiler?

From version 4.2

You should beware that once you have opened your photo index in PixFiler, you will not be able to use it with BR's PhotoArchiver anymore. You may therefore want to make a backup of your photo index before you open it with PixFiler.

  1. Start PixFiler. If it's the first time, click on the 'Select' button. If not, choose Select Photo Index from the File menu.
  2. Click on the 'Add existing' button in the 'Select Photo Index Form'. Select the photo index file and click Ok. THen enter a description for this photo index (optional).
  3. You can now see the name of your photo index in the Select Photo Index Form. Click on the index name and click on the 'Select' button. (If you only have one Photo Index, this is the last time you'll see this form.)
  4. The phot index will now be upgraded to the new format. This will normally be pretty quick, but may take a few minutes for very large indexes.

From versions up to 4.2

  1. Start BR's PhotoArchiver. Navigate to the 'File->Export/Import->Export Photo Index' menu. Enter a name for the export file and click Ok.
  2. Exit BR's PhotoArchiver.
  3. Start PixFiler. Navigate to the 'File->New Photo Index' and enter a new name for the photo Index.
  4. Navigate to the 'File->Export/Import->Import Photo Index' menu and select the export file you created in no. 1.
  5. The import will now run and populate your new Photo Index with the photos described in your export file. After the import is finished, the system will be slower as the thumbnails are being created.
  6. If you're photos are mainly stored on CDs, we recommend that you run the 'File->Photo Index Maintenance->Rebuild Thumbnails' to rebuild the thumbnails. This command will prompt you for which CDs to insert.
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